About Me

Hello everyone! My Name is Andrea Diaz and I am a young mother of two just trying to love herself a little bit more every day. I also have a 12 year old long hair chihuahua named Junior and a little rescue who may also be mixed with Chihuahua named Cara. I am married and really REALLY enjoy sewing even when it frustrates me. I recently (May 2018) graduated college as an environmental science major and have been working on improving my sewing skills since school took over all my free time. Join me on my blog as I try new things in the sewing world and keep track of all of, or most of my projects here in this blog. My style is super simple and sometimes I like to make it pop. I like quirky prints and colors.  I am not big on glam and I am re-learning how to dress AND trying to figure out what my new style is since it has changed over the years. I hope to spark some interest maybe give a little inspiration or maybe just some reading material for my readers. Join me on my sewing journey.

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